Four Sigmatic

Focus Blend

Rs. 2,900
A concentrated dose of caffeine-free focus (30 servings) - We combined seven genius ingredients into an earthy blend that’ll transform anything into focus food. Smarten up coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, and even baked goods. It’s absolutely brilliant. 

Made with ingredients worth writing down

Organic Lion's Mane mushroom, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Bacopa Monnieri, Organic Rhodiola, Organic cacao powder, Organic blueberry, Vitamin B12

Deep focus, Decaf. Like coffee for your coffee. (Minus the caffeine.)

True to its name, this blend’s formulated for energy, creativity, and laser-sharp focus. The cleverest thing about it? It’s absolutely uncaffeinated—so you can add a pinch of extra productivity whenever you need.

Get creative in the kitchen. And for hours afterwards.

  • Think of this as a caffeine-free, super-focused ingredient for making cerebral coffees, thoughtful teas, and even brainy baked goods.
  • You don’t need much! Use the included scoop to add a little bit of long-lasting energy and creativity to your day.
  • Working late? No worries, we made caffeine optional. Use this any time of day.
  • To avoid clumping, store it in the refrigerator after opening or enclose the canister in a resealable bag.

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