Jing Herbs

Bupleurum & Peony

Rs. 2,200
  • Hormone balancer
  • Alleviates PMS & Menopause symptoms
  • Nourishes blood
Ideal for: PMS and Menopause symptoms with signs of heat, hot flashes, night sweats

Say goodbye to hormone related irritability and imbalances!

The Liver is the organ most responsible for maintaining normal hormone levels. By regulating and supporting healthy Liver function, Bupleurum & Peony helps to alleviate PMS and Menopause related symptoms.

Stress, diet, environment, and aging can all lead to Liver constraint and hormone imbalance and their associated symptoms.

Harmonize your hormones and get back to feeling like yourself again!

90 Vegetarian Capsules
Usage: Take 3 superfood capsules on an empty stomach with a full glass of water

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