Qwell Collagen

Collagen Waters - Beauty / Peach

Rs. 899
100% natural | sugar-free | preservatives-free
Pack of 4 includes 4 Beauty (Peach)

qwell is a unique combination of the finest Alpine water from the Daggio spring (highest natural spring in Europe located in the Alps) with mineral composition, premium quality hydrolyzed collagen and optimal combination of valuable vitamins and minerals.


qwell Beauty collagen water contains a special formula to protect and enhance your natural looks. 

  • Removes the bags under the eyes

  • Reduces the depth and size of wrinkles

  • Slows skin aging

28% skin hydration enhancement with qwell collagen water

By drinking qwell daily, you can stimulate and sustain the body’s own natural collagen production for youthful healthy skin and protect the infrastructure of your musculoskeletal system which is essential for your mobility.


Healthier, stronger and faster-growing hair and nails

The skin appears to be overall healthier, with reduced dryness, higher elasticity and a youthful glow

Improved thickness of nails with less splintering

Reduced joint and muscle pain after extensive exercise

Overall improved energy level

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