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Plant-Based Protein Bundle

Rs. 9,900 Rs. 10,500
3 Plant-Based Protein Boxes / Creamy Cacao + Peanut Butter + Sweet Vanilla (10 servings x 3) - This is an overachieving protein powder. Not just for rebuilding and repairing muscles, it has full-body benefits that include immune system support and finding balance for overall wellness.

In 3 delicious flavours:

  • CREAMY CACAO and not too sweet. This chocolate protein shake is great in banana smoothies, or mixed with just water or non-dairy milk.
  • Everyone’s favourite flavor PEANUT BUTTER is ready to mix with water or non-dairy milk. Most people seem to agree that banana is peanut butter’s best pair, which is conveniently also a delightful smoothie.
  • Did we mention that we use only the best of the best real VANILLA? Well, we did. And we can’t wait for you to taste it. This is a deliciously nourishing, filler-free foundation for your day.  

Protein with nothing to hide

Most protein powders leave a lot to be desired. That’s why we knew we had to scoop to the next level! It's plant-based, packed with functional mushrooms and adaptogens, and free of gums, fillers, stevia and artificial flavors. Everything your body needs to replenish and nothing it doesn’t. There’s organic Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps, plus adaptogens Ashwagandha and Eleuthero. 

Do-it-all in one scoop to build wellness

  • No gums, no fillers, no stevia, no “natural flavors.” Only Mother Nature’s secret stash of superfoods.
  • Packing 18g of sustainably sourced plant-based protein, 1000mg of functional mushrooms, and 500mg of adaptogens. We’re not even sure how we fit it all in there (maybe because we skipped all the fillers).


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