6 travel destinations to indulge in wellness, fitness, and self-care in 2023

1. Uttarakhand, India
Why leave India when you can head to our very own Uttarakhand, a northern state crossed by the Himalayas. Holistic wellness centres, spa retreats, yoga, adventure and nature therapy, it's a destination to rejuvenate and revitalise your spiritual wellness, aura, and energy.

2. Bali, Indonesia
Enter the tropical wonderland of Bali, known best for it’s island life - sun, sand, beaches, surfing, fitness retreats, volcano treks and hikes. Start your spiritual healing journey inward with sacred temples, yoga, mediation healthy food, and captivating cultural experiences in the lush green and traditional villages of Ubud.

3. Phuket, Thailand
Fancy a detox for the mind, body, and soul? Head to Thailand. Health & fitness tropical retreats, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts bootcamps, yoga, Thai massages, rainbow coloured food plates - what’s not to love?
Head further north to Chiang Mai for cultural Thai experiences, trekking, temples, culinary delights, and meditation.

4. Weligama, Sri Lanka 
Find yourself an authentic wellness break in Sri Lanka - plenty of spa’s and wellness centres, surfing, diving and unwind with a blissful massage. Dive deeper into Ayurveda to heal, calm, and balance.

5. Maldives
Jetting off to the Maldives is just the right answer for finding the ultimate in rest and relaxation. A quick flight from India, an array of luxury retreats and spa resorts, makes it our go-to for the perfect relaxing recharge. With activities ranging from diving and sea life, yoga, water sports and in-resort activities, it’s a perfect getaway to enjoy solo, as a couple or family. 

6. Tulum, Mexico
In recent years Tulum has become the place to go for boho vibes, pristine beaches, delicious and health-focused food, yoga, wellness, and sustainability. Immersed between the Mayan jungle and Caribbean Sea, it’s the place to be for authentic experiences and rituals for like-minded individuals.