Mushrooms for wellness - All you need to know

Mushrooms have become increasingly popular in the wellness space extending beyond the magic variety or even the ones you find on your plate. It appears that the mushroom boom is just getting started in India as health enthusiasts are adding mushrooms to everything from coffee to smoothies to even their medicine cabinets.

However, not all mushrooms do the trick! Many of them have special properties that are quite remarkable. Functional mushrooms are among the most advantageous varieties of mushrooms, and they differ significantly from the button mushrooms you could include in your daily meals (although those are good for you too).

A guide to functional mushrooms

The following are some of the most common types of mushrooms used for wellness for good reason. 

1. Your brain’s best friend: Lion's Mane 

  • Improve memory
  • Boost concentration
  • Protect your nervous system

Lion's mane mushroom is best known for its potential benefits for brain health. It can improve memory, boost concentration, and protect your nervous system. Antioxidants found in abundance in lion's mane can also help reduce body inflammation.

 2. Your dreamy best friend: Reishi 

  • Sleep better
  • Stress less
  • Treat seasonal allergies

Reishi is a variety of mushroom which has traditionally been used in East Asian medicine. It has a long list of potential health benefits. Reishi contains naturally occurring substances called triterpenes, which may help reduce stress, alleviate depression symptoms, and improve sleep.

3. Your daily bodyguard: Chaga 

  • Ward off the common cold
  • Have shiny, thick hair and glowing skin
  • Lower inflammation caused by a busy, stressful life

Chaga grows in colder climates and is high in fiber. It is beneficial for immune function and provides antioxidants. It is also used as a complementary treatment to heart disease and diabetes as it helps to lower blood sugar. Chaga can help ward off the common cold, give you shiny, thick hair and glowing skin, and lower inflammation caused by a busy, stressful life.


4. Beat your energy slumps with: Cordyceps 

  • Perform better 
  • Increase energy
  • Alleviate asthma and bronchitis

Cordyceps is embraced by fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike for its ability to boost recovery and stamina. It can help you perform better, increase energy, and alleviate asthma and bronchitis. Cordyceps boosts metabolism and stamina, and speeds recovery, and also improves how the body uses oxygen.

How to add mushrooms to your daily routine?

If you’ve been looking to invite mushrooms into your life, your options are many and varied—from stirring them into your morning coffee to brewing a nice cup of cocoa. 

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