Supplements - Busting Myths

Supplements provide a wide range of benefits and should be an integral part of your daily routine, to ensure recommended levels of nutrients are maintained in the body. A balanced diet and getting the right nutrition may be difficult as the food available today is not as nutritious as it used to be due to pollution, pesticides and environmental toxins. Also due to stress, age and lifestyle, our bodies are not always equipped to absorb the nutrition from the food we eat.

    1. Why supplements? Is it necessary? 
    Have you asked yourself "Do I really need a supplement? Why am I taking a supplement when I eat well and have a good life?" 

      Supplements should be a part of your self-care routine and well-being and is vital to keep up and optimise the health of your mind and body. Supplementing our diets ensure that our bodies are enriched with nutrients, is important to overall health, fitness, and well-being. We need higher levels of nutrition now because of our stress levels and environmental factors such as poor air and water quality. 

      Food is often contaminated with chemicals, or has lost its nutrition. Your body itself is exposed to so much damage and pollution. And daily exercise and happiness is often difficult with our fast-paced, stressful lives. The increased exposure to free radicals and inflammation damage our skin/hair. A daily dose of supplements help us detoxify the free radicals and quench the antioxidants and thus help optimum health in this day and age. 

      We don’t eat antioxidants for example every single day and neither do we have the quantity or amount which would then give your body the active nutrients that you are looking for for its absorption.

      It’s important to have a measured dose of essential nutrients every single day which then keeps your skin glowing, hair healthy and a strong nourished body from within.

       2. Myth: Supplements can make up for your diet and lifestyle flaws.

      Fact: Supplements help complete a healthy diet — not replace it. They are a tool and something you take on top of eating right.

      You still need a well-balanced diet. Supplements can't supply all the benefits of healthy eating.

      We strongly believe that leading the right lifestyle, with healthy food, exercise and the right mindset is of utmost importance. But we also know it is not that easy to do so.

      A supplement is a supplement and it can never replace a food. Eating good healthy food doesn’t mean you can have the same quantity of all the nutrients, antioxidants etc. you need in a day consistently.

      Eating healthy is important and can’t be substituted, but only supplemented. While diet is the key to getting the best nutrition, supplements give you that added boost.

       3. Myth: Supplements can treat or cure a specific health issue.

      Fact: Supplements aren’t intended to treat or cure any specific health issue. They are not medications. Supplements can help prevent or manage health conditions. They fill in the nutritional gaps in a well-rounded diet. They help us reach daily nutritional needs that are tough to meet with food alone. 

      By filling in these nutritional gaps, supplements can help us prevent illness or manage health conditions, although exercising and eating right are both more crucial.

       4. Myth: The best supplements are those labeled "natural".

      Fact: The only part of any food or supplement label that matters is the nutrition facts. What you should pay attention to is the ingredients and nutrition information panel on the packaging.

      While whole foods are best, we may need an extra boost of nutrition that we may not be getting daily and hence turn to packaged foods and supplements.

      For any products you may be purchasing, first have a look at the ingredients and nutrition label and assess if it is good for you.

      Quality matters most.

      5. Myth: Supplements have side effects. 

      Quality and clean-label supplements with the right ingredients and nutritional profile are safe to consume, if consumed as directed.

      Excess nutrients in the body are stored in fat and are not excreted, so they can build up and become toxic. So always follow the dosage instructions, never exceed your "protein powder intake", follow product guidelines and consume as required.

      More does not equal better or faster results!

      Disclaimer: anyone on heavy medication or pregnant should always consult a doctor/expert.