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Gut-Health Ground Coffee with Probiotics

Rs. 2,000 Rs. 2,300
Gut-Health Ground Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics & Mushrooms (16 servings) - Coffee that’s easy to stomach has immune and gut supporting Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms, prebiotics, and 1 billion CFU shelf-stable, heat resistant probiotics. 

Coffee with the best of nature

You love your daily coffee, it just doesn’t always love you back. Now you can brew complete wellness with a morning cuppa that has probiotics, prebiotics, AND functional mushrooms. No change to coffee’s taste, no change to your routine, but elevating your wellness. Win-win-win. 

Brew. Sip. Defend.

  • Made with heat resistant probiotics, organic, Fair-Trade, single-origin Arabica coffee beans from Guatemala, ground and ready to brew in whatever method makes you happy (go ahead and use HOT HOT water). 
  • Brews medium and bold. You’ll completely forget the word “mushroom” is on the bag while you’re drinking it. You’ll remember when you notice you haven’t crashed around mid-day. 
  • Nut milk, natural sweeteners, and coconut oil are optional additions if you have a sweet tooth.

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