Jing Herbs

Restore the Jing

Rs. 2,700
  • Increases Physical Energy
  • Prevents burnout
  • Longevity Tonic
Ideal for: Anyone looking to replenish Kidney/Adrenal energy

Restore the Jing combines the power of two Yang tonics, Eucommia and Morinda, and the restorative attributes of the classic Yin tonic Rehmannia 6.

It is a perfectly balanced longevity tonic to replenish and vitalize the core energy of the body, your Jing Essence.

This formula is suitable for just about anyone at it is neither too warming nor too cooling.

It helps to sustain energy and prevent burnout.

90 Vegetarian Capsules
Usage: Take 3 capsules per day on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. 
TCM Function: Tonifies Kidney Yang, Nourishes Yin Essence.

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